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NEW LITTER! - No Longer Available

The grandfather to these puppies is "J.J." who is now 10 years old and has
recovered 108 wounded deer.

Many of you that have hunted with us within the last 8 years know "J.J."

There are 5 males and 5 females - DOB:  January 28

"Pinta" is their Mom is 1/2 Jack Russel (long legged ones) & 1/2 Fox Terrier
"Jack" (son of "J.J.") is there Dad is 1/2 Decker & 1/4 Jack Russel & 1/4 Fox Terrier

The pups are three months old and are more than ready to go. 

They are $750 for either male or female. 

Shipping the pups is not a problem.

Please let us know if you are interested . . . thanks, TinaMarie

SIRE: "Jack."

DAM:  "Pinta"

DOB: September 27, 2007


LITTER: 6 males

DOB: Decmeber 3, 2008

BREED: 1/2 Parson's Jack Russell - 1/2 Fox Terrier


How is this dog going to do in an urban area? 
They are wonderful family dogs but do require attention. Unlike a lab that is content just being in the backyard, these dogs will get bored then start digging, etc. They will not do that if they are a part of the family.

JJ is male, right?  Yes

Who is the mom, and what is her genetics? 
The mom is "Pinta". She is 3 1/2 years old and is a Jack/FoxTerrier.

Is this her first litter? 
This is her third litter.

If not, did JJ breed a prior litter? Yes many

If so, did any of those pups become wounded deer trackers? 
YES. One is in BC to track wounded grizzlies, another went to New Mexico with a mule deer guide but the dog got killed so he took another one, three in Mexico at different mule deer ranches, one in Wisconsin with Lou and Carol Kindred they use him for wounded deer, one in Washington as a pet and the last one went locally as a pet.  Got a call from a client in Illinois and his dog has recovered several so far.

How many of JJ's offspring have become good trackers? The  majority of his litters have become good trackers.

How do I train the pup to track wounded animals?
 Most of our dogs naturally have the instinct to take a wounded track. What is remarkable about JJ is he can be tracking a wounded deer and have it go right through the middle of a whole herd of deer . . . he will not get side tracked and chase the other deer. We broke him off of deer as a baby, meaning he got in bad trouble for chasing deer. You want it to be the blood scent they are pursuing not the animal. When dealing with tracking, you need to teach thm what not to chase. A good dog will chase anything so that is a good thing just in the beginning. As you work with the dog, teach it what is acceptable and what is not. They are very sensitive and very smart. You won't have to tell them too many times for them to know. Where you may have a little fight is they are strong headed (all terriers are). They are smart enough to decide if the chasing is ok or if not and if it is worth the reprimand. Being consistant is the key. You can start with a blood trail (any blood will work if you don't have any deer blood). The more the dog is with you the better you two will work together.


4 1/2 month old female puppy out of The Legendary "J.J."

"J.J." is our excellent blood tracker! He has recovered 74 wounded deer so far and he is only 7 1/2 years old. He now has puppies throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

" All I can say is that Bandit is a real lover, a real protector and at times he is like a real little person! He knows what he wants, when he wants it. At times I think he even talks. . . ." -George Harms, New Jersey.

"I got a female dog from one of JJ's litters a little over 4 years ago. Her name is Jacque and she is one of the best house dogs we've ever had. The disposition of this dog is awesome. I have a two year old granddaughter and they are best friends. I use her during the hunting season to track down game, and she is unbelievable. She has been averaging recovering about six animals a year. There have been several animals that simply would not have been recovered  with out her. I started her blood trailing at three months old and she has been doing it ever since. I use her strictly on a 30 foot leash and when she sees the leash come out, she is all business. It's almost like throwing a light switch on. Some of the trailing jobs I've seen her do, border on supernatural. It's simply hard to explain how good her nose is when it comes to blood trailing. I have taken her from my home here in WV  all the way to Florida( an 18 hr. ride) for a pig hunt. She travels in vehicles extremely well, you hardly ever know that she is around. I have had dogs my entire life, both house dogs and hunting dogs, and this one is the best I have ever owned." - Bill Mason, West Virginia.

"We were gifted one of JJ's pups  in the summer of 2006. Initially, I have to admit, I wasn't completely enthused when I first heard that we would be getting a 'hunting dog' as we live in town with a relatively small backyard. My fiance assured me that these pups would be remarkable, as he was familiar with their dad. He went on to tell me stories about hunts, playful moments, and the unprecedented intelligence of the legendary "J.J." I can't express how much this dog has changed our lives and those she encounters. It makes all the difference in the world to work with a dog that most perceive as a 'genius.'  Not only does she use her nose to track and recover numerous game animals, but she has the stamina to work/play for hours. She loves to go on trail rides, ride 4-wheelers, and search for shed antlers. Rascal also works as a certified therapy dog. As a mental health counselor professionally, Rascal works magic on helping develop rapport with guarded clients. Kids feel empowered when they are able to communicate with her (she has a huge assortment of tricks) and comforted when she rests her head on their broken hearts. Even the thought that there are more 'J.J.' pups out there, gives me hope that others can experience the joys that we have been blessed with. I would encourage individuals in all walks of life to take advantage of this opportunity. Dogs like these come along once in a lifetime!" - Jennifer Campbell, Oregon

"Great tracker and an even greater pet. We love her!!!!!!" -Warren Stickland, Alabama.

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